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Starting at the Beginning

Starting at the Beginning

Starting at the Beginning

When I first got involved I the solar industry way back in 2008, I had no idea where the journey might take me and what my role in might be. The industry was just starting out and I don’t think anyone really had a clear vision of how rapidly solar PV would flourish and become the behemoth that it is today. In hindsight, my what a ride it has been.

Fast forward to 2013, Through a very fortunate string of events, I was able to narrow my focus considerably from EPC to all things DAS and SCADA. These were (and still are) areas that whetted my appetite to be different, to find a niche that challenged me mentally and supported well this growing industry. Today I still feel we are making a difference and am proud to be deeply involved in the renewable energy marketplace.

In 2016, Renewable Energy Integration Group (REIG) opened its doors in a small 3,000 square foot flex space with me and four employees. We jumped into the market feet first and began to install and commission DAS systems by all the DAS providers at the time. We filled a void and soon grew to more people and more customers. It was in those days that we as a company began to explore our core values and why we do what we do. Not an easy task given the number of hours being worked and the diverse team we had. It seemed like the task would never be completed, but in due time, we came up with a list, and a strong list at that.

Today REIG has continued that growth, evening spinning up a new division called REnergyWare. In this series of blogs, we will get around to discussing REIG and REnergyWare, but first, I want to share the story of who REIG is, what we believe, how we operate…in other words, our DNA. The ideas I will cover over the next months are the foundation our business is built on and when we get to the end of the topic list, I hope you will know why doing business with us is a smart business proposition.

Thanks for your interest. We hope you will visit again,



Keith Davis is the president of Renewable Energy Integration Group (REIG), a Charlotte, NC based firm focused on all things control, data acquisition and SCADA in the commercial, industrial, and utility solar PV marketplace. He and his team are innovators and leaders in the industry and provide professional hardware, robust monitoring software and service beyond the expected. We take the complexity out of solar data!