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Quality – It’s in Our DNA

Quality – It’s in Our DNA

Quality – It’s in Our DNA

In recent posts, we have discussed three pillars of business…integrity, innovation, and service. These form the basis of any great business and operation and no business will last long without all three in place. Beginning with this post, we’ll look at ideas that fill in the spaces between the three foundations. Today, we discuss quality.

As usual, the dictionary definition of quality…

  1. Degree of excellence: the GRADE of a product.
  2. Superiority in kind: CHARECTERISTIC of a product or offering.

These terms are self-explanatory, so I won’t dig into them too deeply. But let’s look at some examples of each and how they can be applied to your business.

Excellence in my mind is a goal to be strived for in everything. As my Dad always told me (and perhaps yours did too), anything worth doing is worth doing right. And in my growing up years, right meant excellence in building, creating, and living in the best way possible. It meant using the right bolt to fasten two things together, with the right diameter, the correct finish for the environment, the exact length and correct nut installed and torqued.

Superiority was also an expectation…do the very best possible. Now I did not quite live up to that in my schoolwork, but the lessons of life reinforced that need once I became a husband and Dad myself. Now I had to demonstrate to my family those values, so I embraced superiority as a mantra that has remained with me long after my children became parents themselves.

So, all of this sounds good, but perhaps abstract to you?  Yes, quality can be a state of mind, but it can also be something that is tangible, reachable, and significant. By recognizing a mindset of quality, then it can be aimed for in every endeavor, every product, every site visit, and every day.

Team REIG believes in and lives by a quality standard that is an integral part of our culture and who we are. We recognize that to be different, we must be better. Maybe even more than better…perhaps excellent and superior. But in the right kind of way.

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Keith Davis is the president of Renewable Energy Integration Group (REIG), a Charlotte, NC based firm focused on all things control, data acquisition and SCADA in the commercial, industrial, and utility solar PV marketplace. He and his team are innovators and leaders in the industry and provide professional hardware, robust monitoring software and service beyond the expected. We take the complexity out of solar data!