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Revolution IoT Software

End-to-End Solution for Data Acquisition and SCADA

Dependable Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Revolution IoT software by REIG is a powerful end-to-end solution specifically designed for the solar industry. With seamless connectivity, customizable alerts, and advanced data visualization capabilities, our software empowers solar companies to optimize performance, streamline operations, and make data-driven decisions.

Experience the power of Revolution IoT software and unlock the full potential of your solar business’s data.

Key Features

Production Monitoring

Analyze solar generation and performance indicators.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive instant notifications for out-of-range values.

Equipment Management

Monitor inverters, trackers, meters, and weather instruments.

Meteorological Measurements

Track solar irradiation, temperature, wind speed, and more.

Electrical and Power Monitoring

Measure device performance, including substations and transformers.

Remote Management

Control equipment, perform reboots, and update software remotely.

Performance Optimization

Forecast energy production and make adjustments.

Mobile Access

Monitor your system from anywhere using tablets or smartphones.

Operations Center

Create a centralized dashboard for larger installations.

Experience dependable solar monitoring with REIG's Revolution IoT Software.