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Who We Are

Our Mission

Renewable Energy Integration Group (REIG) is a team of innovative renewable energy professionals focused on one thing…. PV control and data systems. Our passion for innovation, unparalleled customer service and robust data technologies makes your mission critical data readily available to allow you to make excellent business decisions.

When solar PV monitoring and control is critical, count on REIG to deliver robust systems, accurate information and extra-mile customer support.

Our Culture

REIG is a company where excellence is expected and rewarded. We see things differently than most and are not afraid to go against the grain to achieve that high standard of excellence.

We are curious, passionate answer seekers to challenging renewable energy questions with an emphasis on data…the core of our business.

We are an honest, hard-working, innovative team operating with a mindset of integrity first and profit second.

We love and support our clients beyond their expectations to the best of our ability. When we fail to meet that standard, we ask for forgiveness and try that much harder the next time.

We love our team members and do everything we can to ensure their success which then becomes our success.

We create new opportunities through innovation, dedication and orchestration. We dream big, build better, care deeply and have a good time being the very best we can be.

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