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About REIG

Providing Comprehensive Renewable Energy Support Services

At REIG, our dedicated team of professionals are committed to delivering the best possible monitoring, control, and SCADA solutions for the entire renewable energy industry. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, we offer a range of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


We assist customers and their EPC teams in determining the most suitable system for their project based on site conditions, Power Purchase Agreement, and the Interconnection Agreements. Our goal is to ensure the delivery of cost-effective systems that meet or exceed the specifications set our customers and the connecting utilities.

Design/ Documentation

Our engineers provide detailed documentation that includes all the necessary information for efficient installation and connections by the contractor. We prioritize on-time and on-budget installations.

Pre-Assembly and Configuration

In our facility, we assemble industrial grade system components, within steel NEMA 4 rated enclosures, ready for the harshest weather. We perform the internal communications wiring power and test the system before delivering it to the project site.


Our full-time installation crew, equipped with expert knowledge and the proper tools, completes the hardware and network installations accurately and efficiently, ensuring long-term system performance.

Network Communications

From copper to fiber to wireless communications, our skilled team can design, install, terminate, and test any type of Local Area Network (LAN) required for energy projects of any scale.

System Commissioning

Our engineers bring the necessary tools, software, and knowledge to power up the system, verify correct installation, ensure accurate data collection, programming settings, and populate the web portal with precise data.

Inspections/ Quality-Control

Acting as independent inspectors, our team verifies that monitoring or SCADA work provided by others meets specifications, is installed correctly, and functions properly, providing assurance to owners and finance teams.

Operations and Maintenance

We offer regularly scheduled site visits to monitor and maintain LANs and connected system components, ensuring accurate site data transmission to the monitoring portal.

Rapid-Response Service

With technicians and readily available parts, we prioritize maximum uptime for monitoring/SCADA systems, promptly making necessary repairs to minimize system downtime.

Optical Fiber Services

We specialize in fiber and optical communications for large-scale solar PV assets. From providing and installing the exact optical fiber needed to fusion splice with factory-prepared pigtails, our technicians ensure correct installation and optimal performance.

RenergyWare Services

RenergyWare provides comprehensive turn-key hardware, software, and digital operations and maintenance solutions for solar PV monitoring and control. Our passionate team is dedicated to delivering improved solar efficiencies and managing your solar investment effectively. With years of renewable energy experience, an unlimited National Electrical Code license, and a full-service UL listed panel shop, we ensure top-quality service from the start.

Choose from our à la carte menu of services and customize your support. We are experts in data and communications, consistently providing the best solutions for every project efficiently and reliably.

Trust REIG for all your renewable energy support needs.

With a focus on monitoring, control, and SCADA solutions, our team is dedicated to delivering turn-key solutions that exceed your expectations. Contact us today to find out how we can optimize your renewable energy systems.