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Professional DAS/SCADA hardware solutions and a host of other data services for Solar PV systems

Renewable Energy Integration Group (REIG) removes the complexity, overcomes the challenges and simplifies the difficulties through our passion for innovation and dedication to service excellence.


Renewable energy monitoring and control systems can be can be complex, challenging and difficult

REnergyWare simplifies DAS and SCADA challenges by providing UL-Listed communications packages, robust meteorological sensors, a powerful cloud based IoT software monitoring and control platform, digital O&M services and service beyond expectations.


Singularly focused

Renewable Energy Integration Group (REIG) is a team of innovative solar professionals focused on one thing…. solar control and data systems.


Providing the best solution

We are a team of passionate people seeking to provide the very best possible monitoring, control and SCADA solutions to the entire renewable energy industry.


Good Work

Good Work

In Raleigh, NC, Baker Roofing Company has a slogan. It’s on their website, truck bumpers, marketing materials, everywhere there is a point of contact with the customer. It’s short, to the point, and memorable, all good attributes of a company’s message. Here is what the slogan says: The more I think about this collection of […]

Communications – Keep Your Team in the Loop

Communications – Keep Your Team in the Loop

Continuing to flesh out the three pillars of business, this segment will communicate the necessity of excellent communications. Without exceptional communications, no business will survive, much less thrive. Defining the verb communicate… to convey knowledge of or information about: to make known. to reveal by clear signs. In this digital age of email and social […]