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Innovation – Nothing New Happens Without It

Innovation – Nothing New Happens Without It

Innovation – Nothing New Happens Without It

A couple of weeks back we tackled the topic of integrity and it being the first pillar of our business. Today, I want to look at the second pillar of our business…innovation.

As before, let’s define innovation…Merriam Webster says innovation is the introduction of something new. Pretty straight forward it seems, but really there is more to the topic than just newness or novelty. Original thinking and ideas by themselves do not necessarily change a market or business, so what else makes innovation so critical to the advancement of anything and everything?

In my mind, innovation starts with a dream, a burst of imagination that takes hold and will not let go. It’s the age-old concept of not just asking why, but why not. It’s a seed that is waiting to be planted, then watered, fertilized, nurtured, and brought to maturity. And then brought to the marketplace for testing by the industry it was meant to serve. El innovation is beautiful, entrepreneurial, and scary all at the same time.

Our industry is filled with innovation…think racking that used to be placed in holes with yards of concrete filling the holes to today’s driven support system. Think string inverters vs central inverters. Think of DC string wiring, pre-built skids and the list goes on and on.

In the same way, the DAS and SCADA industry have changed and morphed from the early days. In fact, rapid innovation left more than a few providers in the dust and they no longer even exist. So, to remain strong in the market requires innovation which requires risk which many are averse to. These waters are not for the timid.

Without innovation, REIG and REnergyWare could well become the next statistic in the business loss column. But we refuse to accept the status-quo.  We are always striving to see what is next, learning how can we do this SCADA thing better and what is the market is crying out for. Call us dreamers if you will, but without a dream, and then the innovation behind it, then the dream dies, the dreamers lose hope and then it’s all over.

So, join me and the team in dreaming, searching and building, a better way in all things renewable energy, Innovation is the key to a successful future.

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Keith Davis is the president of Renewable Energy Integration Group (REIG), a Charlotte, NC based firm focused on all things control, data acquisition and SCADA in the commercial, industrial, and utility solar PV marketplace. He and his team are innovators and leaders in the industry and provide professional hardware, robust monitoring software and service beyond the expected. We take the complexity out of solar data!