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Service – Every Business is Built on It

Service – Every Business is Built on It

Service – Every Business is Built on It

Previously we looked at integrity and innovations as two pillars of a successful business. But like a two-legged stool requires another leg to remain upright, so does every business. That third leg is service.

Service: to perform any of the business functions auxiliary to production or distribution of. In this use, service is a verb, i.e.., an action word. Something that is performed as a normal part of the operation of a business.

Much like innovation, to define service requires so much more depth, and detail to really appreciate it’s meaning and all the nuances that accompany what is all too often taken for granted.

From my perspective, service is a passion. When service is a delight, it is provided with gladness, joy and pleasure. The server enjoys seeing the customer’s needs met and the problems solved. The customer also feels pleasure in being heard, responded to, and thanked for bringing the issue to the server’s attention. This is the model we (or should) strive for.

But let’s be real too…it’s rare that exact encounter or ease of service occurs. We all pushed for time, the demands for attention never cease and emotions on both sides make the conversation and sometimes even the solution difficult. We retreat into our own corner, responding in anger, hurt and annoyance. That’s service too, but a variety no one likes or responds well to.

So, what do we do about this dichotomy of meeting different expectations with a smile and a positive response, even when the demands are unrealistic and the timelines short? There is no one or easy answer to that difficult question, but I submit it begins with a positive attitude first.

That attitude is this…we exist to serve our customers to the very best of our ability, through every challenge, with a smile until the challenge is either overcome or eliminated. Easy to say, hard to execute, no two ways about it.

At REIG, the attitude of service starts at the top, with me. I do my best to infect our entire team with that same passion and desire to serve the customer. We go the extra mile, walk down the road less traveled and in doing so, we demonstrate our desire to rise above the norm and provide exemplary service every day to every customer.

I will also admit, we don’t always achieve this level of service. But when we don’t, we apologize for our mistakes, ask for another opportunity to make it right and then overcome the challenge in a different way until it is resolved.

We welcome an opportunity to provide you great service. Let us know how we may be of assistance to your RE projects anytime.

Until next time,



Keith Davis is the president of Renewable Energy Integration Group (REIG), a Charlotte, NC based firm focused on all things control, data acquisition and SCADA in the commercial, industrial, and utility solar PV marketplace. He and his team are innovators and leaders in the industry and provide professional hardware, robust monitoring software and service beyond the expected. We take the complexity out of solar data!