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Digital Operations and Maintenance

What is RESource Digital O&M?

Let REnergyWare perform your Digital Operations and Maintenance

US solar installations are expected to reach 90 GW by the end of 2020, As the nation and the world’s inventory of solar PV assets grows, it has become a requirement for companies to address the ongoing post-installation—operations, maintenance and asset management.  This explosion of solar PV systems of all sizes around the world is driving the need for cost-effective O&M practices and company specialization to ensure best practices and superior plant performance.

While the solar O&M market got its start when EPC companies needed to service the installations they built, the landscape is changing. Lately, the market is moving in favor of independent service providers (ISPs). This can be attributed to the maturation of the market and the need for specialized service offerings. The level of complexity for O&M and asset management grows as the size of the install increases, with utility-scale installations requiring a sophisticated suite of services to manage and onboard large amounts of power onto the grid.  This is where REnergyWare is positioned to assist.

REnergyWare core competencies include:

  • Data Acquisition and Control
  • Data Analysis Capabilities
  • Custom Design and Installation
  • Control Room
  • Engineering Capabilities
  • Quality Assurance & Accountability
  • Process Control
  • Knowledge-base of Problem Resolution

Skilled professionals are required to manage a solar O&M discipline within a company.  Typically having an engineering and/or deep solar PV background, they oversee the plant maintenance activities starting at the onset to manage the handoff of newly constructed solar plants from construction to O&M. They are responsible for in-house technicians or outsourced subcontractors in every area of maintenance. They oversee warranty part inventory. Their responsibilities include the control room and IT functionality and asset management reporting, along with department reporting.

REvolution IoT and REsource Digital O&M Packages

REvolution IoT software and RESource digital O&M services provide various levels of software features and service and support from basic PV production dashboards to complete digital O&M services, and on-site services with guaranteed service levels and responses times.

REnergyWare provides our clients with various digital operations and maintenance tiered services.  Services are provided by internal staff with years of combined solar PV monitoring, management, and everything SCADA. Refer to these tiered services for additional information.