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About Us

The REnergyWare Story

REnergyWare (a division of Renewable Energy Integration Group) provides turn-key hardware, software, and digital operations and maintenance solutions to solar professionals focused on one thing…. solar monitoring and control. Our passion for innovation, unparalleled customer service, and robust data technologies makes your mission critical data readily available while providing improved solar efficiencies and management of your solar investment. When solar monitoring and control is critical, count on REnergyWare to deliver the turn-key solutions for your site.

Our work in the past has focused exclusively on the commercial and utility scale solar photovoltaic marketplace. But solar is not all we do. To us, data is data and the only difference is the renewable “fuel” source. While there may be different parameters to monitor and regulate depending upon the type of renewable energy source, in the final analysis, accurate data is critical to the long-term successful and profitable operation of every energy site no matter what renewable fuel source generates electrical power, hot water or steam.

Here are some reasons to use REnergyWare:

  • UL Listing with full UL-308 approved industrial grade communications hardware
  • Built by solar professionals for solar professionals
  • Comprehensive REvolution IoT cloud software platform
  • RESource Digital O&M support both in the field and remotely
  • Extended warranties with commissioning
  • American made enclosures
  • Built to meet the operating environment
  • Modular enclosure with selectable components
  • Turn-key provisions – Meters, fiber, weather instruments, wire and cable, junction boxes. We can supply everything needed for a complete installation.
  • Sun Spec approved MET data reporting
  • REvolution IoT Software is customer centric and can be modified to suit each customer’s needs
  • Complexity removed…eliminated
  • Service, service, service!
  • We answer the phone
  • Replacement parts in stock
  • No analog weather instruments…all digital
  • Innovative solutions to many solar challenges
  • Annual Digital O&M options
  • Well documented installation practices and manuals