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EntreLeadership 2019

EntreLeadership 2019

EntreLeadership 2019

Last week, Susan and I had made the drive from Charlotte to Nashville, TN to join in with 650 other entrepreneurs to participate in Ramsey Solution’s annual event known as EntreLeadership Mastery Series (ELMS for short.) I had attended the 2018 event but made the mistake of not including my business partner (and wife) in the event, so 2019 was her introduction to the Ramsey Solutions playbook on how to build a successful business. Let’s just say it was an intense week and we both came home with new ideas and a renewed passion for our customers, team members and business.

Each day’s session focused on a several different segments of successful business operations. Monday morning started things off with a bang as Chris Hogan and his bigger than life persona shared “Leadership is Essential.” What a powerful opening number to the symphony of ideas and dreams that were yet to be played as the week was just unfolding.

I won’t share the entire playbook here; you can only experience that passion and intensity for yourself and I encourage you to do so. But here is one little tidbit…a glimpse into the heart and character qualities of an EntreLeader. One who is called to EntreLeadership is:

  • Passionately serving
  • A maverick with integrity
  • A disciplined risk taker
  • Courageous while humble
  • A motivated visionary
  • Driven while loyal
  • An influential learner

I wish I could say I hit all those marks perfectly, but there are several areas I need to improve and become a better leader. But I made a commitment to myself, my wife and team REIG that the first thing to be improved after ELMS was me. And that task will be a work in progress as long as I lead this team of solar professionals and beyond. And I am looking forward to the journey very much.

The extra work and drive to be an EntreLeader will lift the entire REIG organization to be the partner and vendor our customers and suppliers are looking for. Let us know how we are doing and how we can better serve your needs and exceed your expectations along the way.