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What We Do

We take the complexity out of solar data.

Renewable Energy Support Services

We are a team of passionate people seeking to provide the very best possible monitoring, control and SCADA solutions to the entire renewable energy industry. Here is a brief synopsis of what we do to meet that goal:


We assist the customer and their EPC team to determine the best system for their project based on the actual site conditions, the PPA and interconnection agreement to ensure the system cost effectively meets or exceeds the connecting utilities specifications.

Design/ Documentation

Our engineers provide in-depth documentation with all the details and information required for the installing contractor to perform the required scope of work efficiently resulting in an on-time and on-budget installation.

Pre-Assembly and Configuration

We bring all the system components into our facility where each enclosure is mounted to a durable aluminum back-plate and are connected to a NEMA rated trough. All possible wiring and interconnections are made and the system powered and tested before delivery to the site for installation.


We have a full-time installation crew with the knowledge and tools required to complete the hardware and network installation correctly and efficiently to ensure the system will perform well over the long-term.

Network Communications

From copper to fiber to wireless communications, the REIG team can design, install, terminate and test any type of site LAN required for energy projects small or large.

System Commissioning

Our engineers come to the site with the right tools, software and knowledge required to power up the system, ensure the installation is correct, verify all the data is being collected accurately, all settings are programmed and the web portal is being populated with accurate data.

Inspections/ Quality-Control

Our team can act as an independent inspector for any monitoring or SCADA scope of work provided by others to verify to the owner and their finance team the system meets specifications, is installed correctly and is functioning properly.

Operations and Maintenance

We can provide regularly scheduled site visits to monitor and maintain the LAN and all the connected system components including all MET station hardware to ensure that the site data is accurate and being sent to the monitoring portal in the correct format.

Rapid-Response Service

Providing maximum monitoring/SCADA system uptime critical to the safe and profitable operation of the site. We have technicians and the parts ready to make the needed repairs quickly to limit the system downtime.

Optical Fiber Services

Today’s large scale solar PV assets are physically large and composed of many disparate elements that must be able to communicate back to the site’s SCADA or monitoring system to operate correctly and efficiently.  More often than not, that physical communications link is an optical fiber cable with multiple insulated strands of thin glass housed within a buffer tube. Each cable can have as few, or as many buffer tubes as needed, and can be assembled to meet critical site conditions. 

The REIG team is well versed in all things fiber and optical communications. We can provide and install the exact optical fiber needed for the site. Our technicians can fusion splice (no crimp-on connectors!) the glass to factory prepared pigtails with the correct connector. They then test and document the performance of each strand and provide an industry acceptable report to ensure the end user that their fiber infrastructure is installed, terminated, and connected correctly. 

REnergyWare Services

REnergyWare; a division of Renewable Energy Integration Group (REIG); provides turn-key hardware, software, and digital operations and maintenance solutions to renewable energy professionals focused on one thing…. solar PV monitoring and control. Our passion for innovation, unparalleled customer service, and robust data technologies makes your mission critical data readily available while providing improved solar efficiencies and management of your solar investment. When monitoring and control is critical, count on REnergyWare to deliver the turn-key solutions for your site.

With countless years of renewable energy experience, an unlimited National Electrical Code license, and the only UL listed panel shop, let RenergyWare do it right the first time.

Learn more at http://www.REnergyWare.com.

Our customers can choose from just one service to the entire gamut of our capabilities from our à la carte “menu” of services. We will perform as much or as little as needed to ensure each system meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations while functioning as designed and built. Data and communications is all we do and we are professionals at providing the best solution for every project efficiently and consistently.

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