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REvolution IoT Software Platform

Dependable and Accurate Alerting and Real Time Performance Monitoring
THE REvolution IoT SOFTWARE PLATFORM is a PROPRIETARY end-to-end solution with everything needED in aN Enterprise IIoT,  Data Acquisition, AND SCADA system.
IT includes:
  • Edge to Cloud Connectivity
  • Built in protocols
  • High performance Time Series NoSQL Database Historian
  • Alarming, Logic, Scheduling & Automation
  • Leading-edge HTML5 Data Visualization & Web App
THE SOFTWARE can be deployed on Windows, Linux, Mac, in the cloud, local servers, or embedded devices

Production Monitoring

Simple historical representation of actual solar generation vs expected. Analyze Key Performance Indicators.

Meteorological Measurements

Monitor solar irradiation, ambient temperature, back of module temperature, wind speed, rain, etc.

Forecast and Optimize Performance

Forecast energy productions by integrating weather forecast data and make adjustments to increase generation as needed.

Real Time Faults and Alerts

Real-Time alerting and notifications on any predefined out of range threshold values.

Electrical and Power

Measure individual devices including substations, transformers, storage, grid metering, etc.

Mobile Access

Access dashboard from anywhere via a tablet or smartphone.

Management of Equipment

Drill down capability of all equipment and sensors, including inverters, conditioners, weather instruments, etc.

Remote Management

Ability to remotely manage equipment, perform scheduled or on-demand reboots, software updates, etc.

Operations Center

For larger installations, create a multi-display operations center dashboard.